Australian Belt Scrapers (ABS) manufacture their products in their factory/warehouse, the biggest polyurethane factory in Western Australia.  This means we provide fast and effecient turnaround time on our parts supply and we can design and make parts to your specifications, ensuring your system remains fully operational.  ABS products are made from hard-wearing polyurethane which has many applications and can be applied to long lasting wear problems across many industries.  Polyurethane elastomers combine many of the advantages of rigid plastics, metals and ceramics with the extensibility of rubber once combined you have a product that handles extremes.


We line chutes and pipes with resistant material and carry a large range of screens.  ABS custom makes impact beds for all high impact areas on transfer chutes and can mould products to fix any problem.  We design, manufacture, deliver and install the product, re-supply and follow up with technical advice and support.

Bulk Materials Specialist